BioEng’s clients are celebrities, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, tourists, from sport, employees, and people from all walks of life who seek her help to manifest their highest visions, for more health, wealth and happiness, for being more wise, spiritual and influential.

It is important that you arrive for therapy with an open mind!

“Lovely  energy, nurturing with special touch!”
Excellent therapeutic massage!! Monica is a real professional therapist, she knows to create a very relaxed atmosphere applying  initially a soft pressure with her special healing hands, going to a very strong deep tissue massage using her arms and elbow where I need it. I came in a hot sore mess, all my upper back and neck were blocked because of tensions due to the stress and bad posture and left relaxed, refreshed and able to move again. Also her communication is brilliant . Strong and curative therapy, definitely I’ll be back! Thank you, Michelle”

“I had an amazing experience”
Monica is truly gifted. She uses the perfect amount of pressure everywhere in a different way as needed and her touch is incredibly special. When I went there for the first time all my upper back was blocked because of my bad posture about years ago related to my job and I left relaxed and able to move again each time better, in the end of a few sessions I felt really reborn.  I am so warm throughout the entire session each time, and I had an amazing experience of healing thanks to her hands. She was able to energize me for the rest of my long days back to my office!  Monica focuses on the entire body and mind. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, she is top notch and very professional!  Luca”

“I’m relaxed as never before”
Initially Monica asked if I had a specific focus for the appointment and I explained that my neck was tight and had a kink in it from sleeping wrong.  She was great in working all the surrounding muscles in my upper back in order to alleviate the neck pain. She is gentle with swift movements and has strong hands, arms and elbow when needed for the many knots throughout my back and shoulders. Great head massage as well. I came out relaxed, happy, and my neck felt like new. Thank you Monica for bringing me back down to earth and relaxing me, that it’s nearly impossible.  Thank you again, Ian”

“My best ever therapeutic massage!”
I don’t feel very well, it is all about my sciatica nerve problems, tensions due to the stress and postural back pains. At a recommendation of a colleague I met Monica. In the beginning of my first visit, she  asked me questions about my history case and quickly diagnosed the problem. I got treatments for aches and pains but nobody like her was able to target those exact areas which are sore. I was whimpering and crying like a baby on her table, but she managed to cure my chronic sciatica nerve problems over a course of treatments. She is really a special therapist combining various techniques to tailor each session to my various needs. Now I see her regularly for deep tissue massage and relaxing massage as well. Monica is just brilliant, I highly recommend her to everybody.  Thank you, Gisele K.”

“Brilliant therapist”
Few months ago in a morning I could barely get out of my bed because my lower back and my right knee were in so much pain. I was trying everything, but not useful. Monica has a strong knowledge in therapeutic massage, she quickly diagnosed the problem and prescribed me a course of massages and stretches over a 4 weeks period. I’m completely back to normal. Every session of her massage leaves me with a wonderful feeling of inner organization. If you need a brilliant therapist look no further,  Alistair”