La guarigione è la mia arte!

Monica è laureata in ingegneria, ma scopre che la sua vera missione sulla terra è aiutare le persone con la terapia creando humanity 5 star ambienti di benessere e di lavoro. *Guarigione BioEnergetica e Life coaching: cognizione, comportamento umano ed emotional … Continued

Mind ~ getting the truth

Doing therapy I cultivate healthy “psycho-mechanics”. I attend as much to the movement of awareness as to the movement of the body. So, to facilitate the client’s clear experience of my touch, I keep returning our awareness to the place … Continued

Deep in time therapy

For doing a good session I need to know ‘where’ the person is coming from. A history checklist of past diseases, contraindications, and current complaints is not a history. ‘Taking a history case’ means getting to know the person, not … Continued

BioEng ~ healing energy

Drawing upon ancient, traditional and modern techniques, my energy healing blends waves like movements and a gentle, nurturing touch; all that therapy deeply relaxes  your body, mind and reconnect all together within your spirit. But What exactly is healing? And How? … Continued

A fundamental habit touching

Touching people is my work and I’m so used do it that it is already as part of myself, I have to be careful sometime because my tendency is to touch almost everybody and for some people this is surprising … Continued

Balance and harmony

If I want a simple definition just in a few words regarding our body I can say that we are skin, muscles and bones. In order to have the most complete effect on health as a therapist I need to … Continued

Brain therapy

Finally science tell us that pain is an output of the brain, not an input of the body. Similarly the relaxation and pleasure are outputs of the brain, though we ‘feel’ them in the related organs, muscles and other tissues. … Continued

Healing therapy my way

My whole life I have had a technical interest generally speaking but some-time initially and after constantly I got a heightened awareness of having feelings, emotions and a body, a compassionate attachment to having a heart and having my feet … Continued

‘Dancing’ meditation

If I think at bodywork as a science my natural reaction is wanting to learn more, understanding anatomy, physiology, pathology and the interconnectedness of the human body at its depths for a life-long pursuit. The human body is absolutely fascinating … Continued

The correct approach to health

The most important part of becoming truly well, is not particularly the consumption of alternative or modern pharmaceutical remedies, but an approach to life that is truly fulfilling. That may include competent delivery of services such as health education, counselling, … Continued

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