Massage for Springtime

Changing seasons can cause body aches. As we ease into spring, some of us may notice we’re feeling a little more achy than usual.  It can range from just being a little stiff in the joints when we first get out … Continued

Massage for scoliosis

Severe cases of scoliosis can lead to diminishing lung capacity, putting pressure on the heart and restricting physical activities. Depending on the severity of the condition, it may result to difficulty in breathing, fatigue and pain. Curves are a normal … Continued

Massage is medical practice

Some states in U.S. and Canada formally recognize massage as a branch of medicine. However, in U.S. and U.K. people seek us out regularly for symptom relief, therapists here are more or less civil disobedients. Ideally there shouldn’t be distinction … Continued

Massage is science

Massage is informed by scientific knowledge, applying the science to guide hands, mind and heart in skillfull work with the clients. A well-trained therapist have quite detailed knowledge of all the body’s systems, especially the musculo-skeletal, understanding their relevance to … Continued

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