What exactly are bioenergy abilities? Some are born having them more developed, others less or not yet activated. The correct way of practicing BioEnergy healing today is to let each person being in charge of his or her own process. The ‘charge’ is very important, since we’re dealing with energy here.

BioEng does physical-bodywork, but some of her work is off-the-body, in the auric field that surrounds the physical. People are very surprised to find how deeply a therapist can affect someone while not laying a finger upon them. There are a considerable amount of memory, beliefs, wisdom and knowledge that circulate throughout the aura and hang suspended there. In her sessions she taps into that information and tells a person directly what his or her body has not been able to get through to them.

Then a good bioenergy therapist suggests change in exact accordance with a patient’s ability to tolerate it and she also holds the time, space, dimension and reality of the observer for the overall process. She knows to move at the exact speed that each client wants to move, helping them to find exactly want they really deserve in life, changing old bad beliefs and habits with new and good, without judging, and providing the support that they need to remain in integrity with their own.

The stimulation of our biofield (energy body) as an integral part of self-development, it is a process of transformation that will give birth to civilizations of the future, where every person will naturally manifest a permanent higher consciousness.

L’annullamento della sessione è dovuto prima delle ultime 2 ore consecutive alla seduta.

The cancellation of the session is due is due before the last 2 hours ahead of the session.

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