Before and after Reiki

Practicing Reiki is easy, but writing about it is hard and maybe harder than writing it is… talking about it to people. However, I do it because I want to share. My strategy is simple: first I’m comfortable practising it, then … Continued

Balance and harmony

If I want a simple definition just in a few words regarding our body I can say that we are skin, muscles and bones. In order to have the most complete effect on health as a therapist I need to … Continued

What’s Reiki?

Reiki is not meditation, prayer or massage and heals in ways that are hard to explain. Some believe that facilitates or has the power to help keeping clients healthy and healed. Practising it I can say that it’s a spiritual practice, … Continued

A whole health-care

The true cure for so much illness in our world is an appropriate combination of disease – care and health-care applied to both individuals and to our world. This is vital for holism. We should prevent the social tragedy of holism … Continued

Healing ~ Universal love

Speaking previously about so many styles of therapy, I want telling you that a therapist is not limited to any one of those modalities. I ‘compose’ the session based on the individual, not subjecting the client to a ‘static’ approach. The tendency, … Continued

Healing therapy my way

My whole life I have had a technical interest generally speaking but some-time initially and after constantly I got a heightened awareness of having feelings, emotions and a body, a compassionate attachment to having a heart and having my feet … Continued

My hands speaking

Many of us are spiritual as many others are religious, but a bodywork giving rise to spiritual or religious experiences do you think it’s possible? The philosopher Wittgenstein said: “Whereof one can not speak, thereupon we must be silent.” Well, … Continued

The correct approach to health

The most important part of becoming truly well, is not particularly the consumption of alternative or modern pharmaceutical remedies, but an approach to life that is truly fulfilling. That may include competent delivery of services such as health education, counselling, … Continued

True therapy ~ a magic touch

Magic relaxation -Chalice Well and Glastonbury Tor my last trip. Each physical and even ‘visual’ touch gives to our mind information about our body. Being touched is one of the first and most powerful ways we evoke the mind. Then … Continued

Relax ~ my evolutionary responsibility

Looking around to our world, maybe relaxation is the most important thing, the biggest key to our health, both as individuals and as a society. Tragic consequences of not relaxing are internal tensions in body and mind, person-to-person violence, social … Continued

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