My ‘digital’ therapy program

Our brain is such a complex ‘thing’, both physically and metaphysically, being like a tree whose bark that you can remove layer by layer, each one being different from all the others, and each having its own special work, function, … Continued

Doing my artwork

Every session is a collaborative artwork getting feedback. Brilliantly eliciting and responding at it, I guarantee you that I can optimizing the experience immediately in every single session. I listen with my hands what the body is telling me regarding … Continued

Fundamental stress release

Touch is a fundamental stress release. Speaking about it how does massage can helping us? Well here is where the art and science combination begin. Because the quality of touch is something that, like improvised music, depends on rhythm, in our … Continued

Most sensitive life form

Bodywork is the most sensitive life form. When speaking about energy we shouldn’t advocate for any particular language describing it; confusing energy that can be scientifically measured from the subjectively experienced energetic sensations. I’m quite sure that in the near … Continued

Therapy’s energetic aspect

Both pro and anti-energy camps get in trouble when they leap to the objective definitions of energy. The pro-energy folks wish to see the energy aspect of bodywork as objectively existing, like electricity or magnetism. While these may be intriguing … Continued

What does energy mean?

Lots of discussions in our field about “energy” and the role it may or may not play it in our education and practice. Therapy and the world of ‘high touch’ in which compassion is the fundamental rule, it is a very … Continued

Combined therapy’s views

Our beloved planet passes through its definite phases and man with it, and as a day can be coloured so can a year. We have to be grateful and thankful more than ever having the opportunity to know ourselves and … Continued

Therapy is liberal art

English writer nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in seven different years, Aldous Huxley speaks about “non – verbal humanities”, and I’m intrigued with that. If communication is predominantly non-verbal 93%, then so is most of our knowledge. I believe that one can … Continued

Therapy as wellness modality

People commonly sought massage for symptom-relief and as a way to enhance wellness – also like yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, etc. Therapy feels so good and from the standpoint of wellness, this is significant.  Whereas pleasure does not play much … Continued

Therapy is spiritual practice

Reconnecting and reidentifying with the body can be a spiritual experience. The uplifting feeling of enhanced aliveness, or feeling connected to nature within oneself, can leading to identification with nature around us and the universe. Caring touch tends to generate … Continued

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