True therapy ~ a magic touch

Magic relaxation -Chalice Well and Glastonbury Tor my last trip. Each physical and even ‘visual’ touch gives to our mind information about our body. Being touched is one of the first and most powerful ways we evoke the mind. Then … Continued

Relax ~ my evolutionary responsibility

Looking around to our world, maybe relaxation is the most important thing, the biggest key to our health, both as individuals and as a society. Tragic consequences of not relaxing are internal tensions in body and mind, person-to-person violence, social … Continued

5 star Therapist

Are you hoping from therapist to an other or feeling like you’ve tried them all but can’t settle on one? Maybe there’s a good reason! Finding a good one who is ‘the complete package’ can be very challenging, and depending … Continued

Working relationship therapy

Many times when clients experience success with my therapy, they shake my hand, praise me profusely, walk out the door and aren’t seen again for months. Predictably, when they do return, it is for the same cranky shoulder or low … Continued

Therapeutic relationships

We naturally seek just self-satisfaction when we are young, but as adults we realize that we get better satisfaction by caring for others. When your work is caring for people and you like it of course, you are paid for … Continued

Healing our energy

Being into the therapy practice I notice more than generally speaking other people, that some clients drain my energy while others boost it. Then I learned about transference, or counter-transference and how an energy exchange occurs between client and therapist, … Continued

My Golden therapy’s rules

Palpating – how can you love something if you don’t know what’s there? Knowing anatomy – not just in general, but memorizing the origins, insertions and actions for the most important muscles. Caring – really CARE! Let my care being … Continued

A time for Healing

There is a time for everything. A time to refresh…, a time to renew…, a time to reinvigorate body, mind and spirit with healing. OK let’s face it. With centuries of results behind it, healing is an excellent strategy toward fulfilling … Continued

Restoring your energy

Are you so stressed out from the demands of everyday rat race? And your body is crying out for relief, for a break from the intensive daily rituals required by modern day work place. Then you are to the right … Continued

The future of Medicine…

The uplifting adage “attitude is altitude” pinpoints how the power of positive thought and intention affects every aspect of our lives. “For decades, scientists have tried to test the power of prayer and positive thinking, with mixed results,” writes NPR … Continued

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