BioEng ~ healing energy

Drawing upon ancient, traditional and modern techniques, my energy healing blends waves like movements and a gentle, nurturing touch; all that therapy deeply relaxes  your body, mind and reconnect all together within your spirit. But What exactly is healing? And How? … Continued

A fundamental habit touching

Touching people is my work and I’m so used do it that it is already as part of myself, I have to be careful sometime because my tendency is to touch almost everybody and for some people this is surprising … Continued

The skin

Modern research tells us that pain is a signal from the nervous system, that is felt within the body and its function is: ~getting our attention~. “The skin in common with the nervous system arises from the outermost of the … Continued

Layers of body and mind

A human body is composed of “layers” and each one has a relatively soft, connective tissue associated with it, generally named “fascia”, that act somewhat like a series of living saran wrappings around all the tissues in the body. To … Continued

Brain therapy

Finally science tell us that pain is an output of the brain, not an input of the body. Similarly the relaxation and pleasure are outputs of the brain, though we ‘feel’ them in the related organs, muscles and other tissues. … Continued

A whole health-care

The true cure for so much illness in our world is an appropriate combination of disease – care and health-care applied to both individuals and to our world. This is vital for holism. We should prevent the social tragedy of holism … Continued

Healing ~ Universal love

Speaking previously about so many styles of therapy, I want telling you that a therapist is not limited to any one of those modalities. I ‘compose’ the session based on the individual, not subjecting the client to a ‘static’ approach. The tendency, … Continued

My hands speaking

Many of us are spiritual as many others are religious, but a bodywork giving rise to spiritual or religious experiences do you think it’s possible? The philosopher Wittgenstein said: “Whereof one can not speak, thereupon we must be silent.” Well, … Continued

Reconnective healing therapy

Some time ago what was most remarkable about the sessions it was not even so much the particular symptom, but the learning I experienced from doing the session. I started to pay more and more attention to the blockages that I … Continued

Working relationship therapy

Many times when clients experience success with my therapy, they shake my hand, praise me profusely, walk out the door and aren’t seen again for months. Predictably, when they do return, it is for the same cranky shoulder or low … Continued

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