Meditazione è respirazione

La vita è il respiro, quello che collega un ‘contatto’ con un altro è il respiro anche, e nella tecnica della meditazione svolge un ruolo importante. Lo Yoga senza la respirazione completa è un beneficio strutturale ed energetico limitato. Così … Continued

Meditazione per il mondo moderno

Il punto è diventare Bravo nella Vita, non diventare bravo nella meditazione. Credo che nessuno ti ha mai detto che la meditazione puo essere così: Se sai Come farla, è così efficace, ti prende solo pochi minuti ma aggiunge ore … Continued

Io sono e ho Abbastanza

Io ho Abbastanza e voglio condividere con Te! Tutto il successo e l’abbondanza che tu abbia bisogno e vedi negli altri ci sono in te anche: Ho ottenuto amore da dare, Ho ottenuto regali da regalare, Ho ottenuto intelligenza da … Continued

Our wonderful need of touch

As a therapist I see everyday my client’s need for touch, however, people’s need generally speaking. Strange, what we do not recognize nearly as often is “the need to touch”. In Harry Harlow’s famous experiment with nursing primates, he found … Continued

Springtime meditation

Plan and review your life for a more satisfying year. Spring is a potent season to look over the past and institute changes for the future. It is a good time to set clear goals, or intentions that reflect your … Continued

Eternity in an hour

The tapestry of my bold strokes, pauses and timely ornamentations are what facilitate the possibility for me within creating what great artists of sound, words and pictures, meant when they speak of ‘holding infinity’. ‘Everything is possible in the palm … Continued

Meditation is breath

Life is breath, what connects one touch with another is also breath and that in the art of meditation play an important role. Yoga without full breathing is limited structural and energetic benefit.  So also a meditation course without fully breathing … Continued

Christmas ~ Deep in time therapy

For doing a good session I need to know ‘where’ the person is coming from. A history checklist of past diseases, contraindications, and current complaints is not a history. “Taking a history case” means getting to know the person, not … Continued

Therapeutic elaboration of eternity

All the ‘times’ we’ve lived are part of us, but some of them hold us back and some pull us forward, just like segments of a body being ‘in or out of place’ regarding the structural alignment, or maybe ‘in … Continued

Optimum relationships

All our movements arise from this great form, our human body. I find love and fascination for anatomy, and having knowledge about it I don’t need spending too much energy consciously recalling where the muscles and so on are and … Continued

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