Deep in time therapy

For doing a good session I need to know ‘where’ the person is coming from. A history checklist of past diseases, contraindications, and current complaints is not a history. ‘Taking a history case’ means getting to know the person, not … Continued

Therapeutic elaboration of eternity

All the ‘times’ we’ve lived are part of us, but some of them hold us back and some pull us forward, just like segments of a body being ‘in or out of place’ regarding the structural alignment, or maybe ‘in … Continued

Optimum relationships

All our movements arise from this great form, our human body. I find love and fascination for anatomy, and having knowledge about it I don’t need spending too much energy consciously recalling where the muscles and so on are and … Continued

A mindful step for New Year

The first single step of a journey is the most important one because without it the journey doesn’t even start! The same for the beginning of a year the first step is very important, for making this ‘journey’ more full … Continued

The most sophisticated instrument

Being on our legs stable, gradually our hands evolved from having to support us on the ground to manipulative operations; then freeing our mouth, so giving to us the capability for speech and song. With the role of the hand … Continued

The tree of life and touch

The themes are common, when I help the persons I remember to them this archetypal layer of themselves, that we all have common miraculous substrate, the “same” bones, muscles, tissues, etc. I explain to them how we share in the wisdom … Continued

Harmonizing your life’s symphony

As a symphony that contains everything of this world, also each person’s life is a symphony creation of themes and variations, containing many voices, movements, dreams and reflections. I perform my science-art of therapy based on hearing what the client’s … Continued

Magic is all around

Every client is unique, so do healing and I help my clients understanding the value of Unique signature treatments. But a treatment needs trust and for that my clients are educated about their body, the treatment’s benefits and very important: … Continued

Fulfilling ‘destiny’ healing

BioEnergy Healing addresses three levels of health: dis-position, illness and destiny.  Starting with dis-position, or more clearly the session affects the alignment which itself, that can be the cause of illness and injury. Also we note how over time the … Continued

A new therapy era

Like everything else therapy is energy of course, but also it needs to be masterful and thrilled with the ways the touch affects your mind, emotion, heart and spirit. It is all about practicing it within peace and love grounded in … Continued

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