Magic is all around

Every client is unique, so do healing and I help my clients understanding the value of Unique signature treatments. But a treatment needs trust and for that my clients are educated about their body, the treatment’s benefits and very important: … Continued

Therapy for scoliosis

Severe cases of scoliosis can lead to diminishing lung capacity, putting pressure on the heart and restricting physical activities. Depending on the severity of the condition, it may result to difficulty in breathing, fatigue and pain. Curves are a normal … Continued

Feel good and especially happy

It’s wet, windy and very cold outside. Brrrr… On the most simplistic level, doing something very good for yourself it should be taking a break from the humdrum pattern and going to boost your mood and re-energize yourself by having a … Continued

Fulfilling ‘destiny’ healing

BioEnergy Healing addresses three levels of health: dis-position, illness and destiny.  Starting with dis-position, or more clearly the session affects the alignment which itself, that can be the cause of illness and injury. Also we note how over time the … Continued

A new therapy era

Like everything else therapy is energy of course, but also it needs to be masterful and thrilled with the ways the touch affects your mind, emotion, heart and spirit. It is all about practicing it within peace and love grounded in … Continued

Before and after Reiki

Practicing Reiki is easy, but writing about it is hard and maybe harder than writing it is… talking about it to people. However, I do it because I want to share. My strategy is simple: first I’m comfortable practising it, then … Continued

BioEng ~ healing energy

Drawing upon ancient, traditional and modern techniques, my energy healing blends waves like movements and a gentle, nurturing touch; all that therapy deeply relaxes  your body, mind and reconnect all together within your spirit. But What exactly is healing? And How? … Continued

A fundamental habit touching

Touching people is my work and I’m so used do it that it is already as part of myself, I have to be careful sometime because my tendency is to touch almost everybody and for some people this is surprising … Continued

The skin

Modern research tells us that pain is a signal from the nervous system, that is felt within the body and its function is: ~getting our attention~. “The skin in common with the nervous system arises from the outermost of the … Continued

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