Massage ~ Universal love

Speaking previously about so many styles of therapy, I want telling you that a therapist is not limited to any one of those modalities. I ‘compose’ the session based on the individual, not subjecting the client to a ‘static’ approach. The tendency, … Continued

Relax ~ my evolutionary responsibility

Looking around to our world, maybe relaxation is the most important thing, the biggest key to our health, both as individuals and as a society. Tragic consequences of not relaxing are internal tensions in body and mind, person-to-person violence, social … Continued

Perché terapia & guarigione?

Prima di tutto ognuno dovrebbe sapere che cos’è la terapia, in realtà una delle più profonde professioni e ambiti di studio che esistono. L’apprendimento e la pratica dei trattamenti del corpo e guarigione energetica sono un’inspirativa e affascinante conoscenza. Il … Continued

Gold therapy

Do you know how your brain works? Why your thoughts and feelings are so hard to get on the same page sometimes? With a good ‘gold’ therapy education, I have learnt how to coordinate my mind, body and spirit in … Continued

BioEnergy therapy

We all have BioEnergy abilities, some are born having them more developed, others less or not yet activated. The correct way of practicing bioenergy healing today is to let each person being in charge of his or her own process. The … Continued

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