Visione: Una Missione Vita!

Visione: Una missione tutta orientata in torno alla Vita. Quando senti l’inspirazione e cominci a fare qualcosa, velocizi l’evoluzione. Questo ti fa sentirti realizzato e ricompensato con una vita meravigliosa! Prende la bellezza che existe in tutte le religioni e … Continued

Essere adorabile ~ Meditazione

Essere adorabile ~ Meditazione ~~ Being lovable ~ Meditation Non ho mai appartenuto veramente a qualcuno o qualcosa in vita mia, e nel profondo del mio essere per questo ragionamento ho sempre avuto il bisogno di appartenenza in qualche modo al mondo intero, di … Continued

Realizza la tua Guarigione

Realizza la tua Guarigione ~ You make your Healing come true: Lo sai davvero Che Cosa Vuoi e Come o da Dove ottenerlo? ~ Do you really know What you Want and How or Where to get it? Sono  una  ‘HealingMaker’. … Continued

La guarigione è la mia arte!

Monica è laureata in ingegneria e ha un profilo tecnico, ma scopre che la sua vera missione sulla terra è aiutare le persone con la terapia creando humanity 5 stele ambienti di lavoro e benessere. *Guarigione BioEnergetica e mindset coaching: cognizione, … Continued

Our wonderful need of touch

As a therapist I see everyday my client’s need for touch, however, people’s need generally speaking. Strange, what we do not recognize nearly as often is “the need to touch”. In Harry Harlow’s famous experiment with nursing primates, he found … Continued

Mind ~ getting the truth

Doing therapy I cultivate healthy “psycho-mechanics”. I attend as much to the movement of awareness as to the movement of the body. So, to facilitate the client’s clear experience of my touch, I keep returning our awareness to the place … Continued

Therapy for allergies

Therapy is very helpful for getting relief for allergies, congestion and pain. All year long, allergy sufferers complain of sinus congestion, headaches due to pressure and exhaustion, and springtime allergies are especially known for the havoc they wreak. Techniques that … Continued

Springtime meditation

Plan and review your life for a more satisfying year. Spring is a potent season to look over the past and institute changes for the future. It is a good time to set clear goals, or intentions that reflect your … Continued

Regeneration with Shiatsu massage

The low-light, short days of winter together with the physiological stress from extreme temperatures, can practically drain the life from your body and seriously dampen your mood. Rejuvenate your health and wellness by incorporating Shiatsu massage into your well-being routine … Continued

Treatments for Springtime

Changing seasons can cause body aches. As we ease into spring, some of us may notice we’re feeling a little more achy than usual.  It can range from just being a little stiff in the joints when we first get out … Continued

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