Non ~ verbal communication

We don’t need or speak just in words, the most important communication in life is non~verbal in any case (it’s said as much as 93%). Our hands speak volumes and in these volumes the spirit has its own mode of … Continued

Bodywork is love energy

Sometime I use the word ‘Love’ when I talk about therapy. Every person more or less is here generated by love and so is my profession. More than any other health profession, bodywork is the explicit application of love regarding … Continued

Energetic biofield

People often ask me what exactly happiness is and how to have more of it in their lives. Invariably, the people who ask me that will tell me in the next breath that they don’t know what makes them happy … Continued

Shiatsu massage is non ~ verbal dialogue

A Shiatsu massage is a profound experience of touch. What you do with your emotion, mind and spirit is as important as what you do with your body. Psycho-mechanics are as important as body mechanics. Also there is a fully engaging … Continued

Art and Science

The Art of therapy and the Science of anatomy and physiology Most therapists would agree that bodywork are grounded in the art of therapy as well as in the science of anatomy and physiology. Taking a look at both sides, people understand easily the … Continued

Physical and emotional stress

‘Stress Management’ is a highly important term for my work, primary caring and assisting people through times of recovery.  My first focus is muscular and energetic rehabilitation – or the return of a body to the most effective and harmonious … Continued

BioEnergy therapy

We all have BioEnergy abilities, some are born having them more developed, others less or not yet activated. The correct way of practicing bioenergy healing today is to let each person being in charge of his or her own process. The … Continued

Remedial massage

Remedial massage is successful where other forms of treatment have failed. It is done by a trained massage therapist to create the conditions for the body’s return to normal health after injury or with muscular – skeletal disorders. Also used to treat … Continued

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