Facial massage’s benefits

Facial massage is underestimated as regular cleansing treatment. It finds its roots in the beauty secrets of the ancient far eastern civilizations, where refreshed skin is considered only a beginning. Its technique involves gentle stroking of facial muscles; forehead, temples, … Continued

‘Dancing’ meditation

If I think at bodywork as a science my natural reaction is wanting to learn more, understanding anatomy, physiology, pathology and the interconnectedness of the human body at its depths for a life-long pursuit. The human body is absolutely fascinating … Continued

Reconnective healing therapy

Some time ago what was most remarkable about the sessions it was not even so much the particular symptom, but the learning I experienced from doing the session. I started to pay more and more attention to the blockages that I … Continued

Relax ~ my evolutionary responsibility

Looking around to our world, maybe relaxation is the most important thing, the biggest key to our health, both as individuals and as a society. Tragic consequences of not relaxing are internal tensions in body and mind, person-to-person violence, social … Continued

Autumn Shiatsu massage

Warm up! Release stress and come into balance, using essential oils, ensuring with a Shiatsu massage that your body meets your seasonal needs. As the leaves change colour and fall to the ground, the same for you it is a … Continued

What’s deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue is a common term, but WHAT exactly is it? The truth is this, it is not just tissues that relax; it is equally the nervous system which relaxes the tissues. Relaxation in other words, is a function of energy … Continued

My Golden therapy’s rules

Palpating – how can you love something if you don’t know what’s there? Knowing anatomy – not just in general, but memorizing the origins, insertions and actions for the most important muscles. Caring – really CARE! Let my care being … Continued

Head massage relieving headaches

Many people suffer from frequent or occasional headaches. They may not know that a therapist can help, they might even think that headaches are “normal” and “everyone gets them”. So, I do head massage as well and I always ask to … Continued

Shiatsu Massage for Good sleeping

About a while massage therapy is one of the fastest growing and most rewarding areas in health care, you just need to select the right massage technique for you. I encourage you to explore my website, watch my video or my … Continued

Massage for neck pain

Muscle knots or trigger points in the neck area are a common cause of stubborn and strange aches and pains, and they are still under-diagnosed. Under the back of the skull must be one of the most pleasing and popular … Continued

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