Fundamental stress release

Touch is a fundamental stress release. Speaking about it how does massage can helping us? Well here is where the art and science combination begin. Because the quality of touch is something that, like improvised music, depends on rhythm, in our … Continued

Most sensitive life form

Bodywork is the most sensitive life form. When speaking about energy we shouldn’t advocate for any particular language describing it; confusing energy that can be scientifically measured from the subjectively experienced energetic sensations. I’m quite sure that in the near … Continued

Combined therapy’s views

Our beloved planet passes through its definite phases and man with it, and as a day can be coloured so can a year. We have to be grateful and thankful more than ever having the opportunity to know ourselves and … Continued

Therapy is medical practice

Some states in U.S. and Canada formally recognize bodywork as a branch of medicine. However, in U.S. and U.K. people seek us out regularly for symptom relief, therapists here are more or less civil disobedients. Ideally there shouldn’t be distinction … Continued

Therapy is science

Therapy is informed by scientific knowledge, applying the science to guide hands, mind and heart in skillfull work with the clients. A well-trained therapist have quite detailed knowledge of all the body’s systems, especially the musculo-skeletal, understanding their relevance to … Continued

Therapy’s pathways

In the world therapy and bodywork are regarded as healthcare practices and epitomized at the Esalen Institute as part of what they called the “non-verbal humanities”. Over the last 10 years people are contemplating or offering degree programs, the assumption mostly … Continued

Get your passion

During the life we evolve and nothing gets lost, everything gets transformed and finally you find your real self. My views in regards to the how and why my clients walk into my life seeking healing for their physical ailments … Continued

Mobile healing therapy

Mobile healing therapy it is a unique way of creating positive change in your life. It allows you to explore your past, present and future in an emotional, spiritual and physical way. Each session leaves you feeling emotionally recharged and revitalised … Continued

The challenges of life

Our choices shape our character during the lifetime and are self-chosen – compounded of physical, sensory, emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual energies. The ancient Egyptian judgement after death, ~symbolically weighed the individual’s heart against the “feather of truth”.                                                                               ♥ … Continued

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