The skin

Modern research tells us that pain is a signal from the nervous system, that is felt within the body and its function is: ~getting our attention~. “The skin in common with the nervous system arises from the outermost of the … Continued

Natural remedies for dry-itchy skin

Cold air is dry and colder the air is less moisture it contains. This acts as the single most important factor for dryness issues. Dry and itchy skin can be very irritating, mother Nature offers seasonal changes, fortunately also offers … Continued

Self-care tips

Most people see massage as a relaxing indulgence that is only meant for pampering, but modern medicine has recognized it for its health benefits. Practice these self-care tips regularly in between of your massage sessions and you will get a … Continued

What’s Reiki?

Reiki is not meditation, prayer or massage and heals in ways that are hard to explain. Some believe that facilitates or has the power to help keeping clients healthy and healed. Practising it I can say that it’s a spiritual practice, … Continued

Massage for arthritis pain relief

Massage is an umbrella term covering many different techniques and healing philosophies. In general, it is manipulation of the body’s skin, muscles and connective tissues, usually with the hands, but also with mechanical tools. However, it is an ancient form … Continued

Facial massage’s benefits

Facial massage is underestimated as regular cleansing treatment. It finds its roots in the beauty secrets of the ancient far eastern civilizations, where refreshed skin is considered only a beginning. Its technique involves gentle stroking of facial muscles; forehead, temples, … Continued

‘Dancing’ meditation

If I think at bodywork as a science my natural reaction is wanting to learn more, understanding anatomy, physiology, pathology and the interconnectedness of the human body at its depths for a life-long pursuit. The human body is absolutely fascinating … Continued

Reconnective healing therapy

Some time ago what was most remarkable about the sessions it was not even so much the particular symptom, but the learning I experienced from doing the session. I started to pay more and more attention to the blockages that I … Continued

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