What’s Reiki?

Reiki is not meditation, prayer or massage and heals in ways that are hard to explain. Some believe that facilitates or has the power to help keeping clients healthy and healed. Practising it I can say that it’s a spiritual practice, … Continued

‘Dancing’ meditation

If I think at bodywork as a science my natural reaction is wanting to learn more, understanding anatomy, physiology, pathology and the interconnectedness of the human body at its depths for a life-long pursuit. The human body is absolutely fascinating … Continued

Reconnective healing therapy

Some time ago what was most remarkable about the sessions it was not even so much the particular symptom, but the learning I experienced from doing the session. I started to pay more and more attention to the blockages that I … Continued

Relax ~ my evolutionary responsibility

Looking around to our world, maybe relaxation is the most important thing, the biggest key to our health, both as individuals and as a society. Tragic consequences of not relaxing are internal tensions in body and mind, person-to-person violence, social … Continued

My Golden therapy’s rules

Palpating – how can you love something if you don’t know what’s there? Knowing anatomy – not just in general, but memorizing the origins, insertions and actions for the most important muscles. Caring – really CARE! Let my care being … Continued

Introduction to oneself with bodywork

During the sessions clients often reveal that the most intense areas discovered are exactly this: unearthed, previously unknown tension and pain. Because of this pain and around it, compensatory movements and bad postures can grow.  These very pragmatic structural and … Continued

Being One by bodywork

Do you ever question yourself about the world around you?  The most important questions are those in fact which are posed by change and evolution itself, those which are taking generations of humans and perhaps the evolved spectrum of life … Continued

Losing frustrations

Our global interconnected world has given rise to a courageous hope that, given time and energy, we can change everything. Not in one lifetime, definitely. However a revolutionary view about how we should feel inside and how to access it is … Continued

Advanced benefits

Some people may say: “it is just a massage” … Maybe, but my therapy is a revolutionary touch approach that works with the entire musculoskeletal system, resulting in having greater benefits for you. I focus on the whole musculo – … Continued

Bodywork or Mind~work?

Much research is not yet supporting enough our assumptions about how we affect the body. The touch of mind is the moving ‘back and forth’ with feeling and emotions. We need the comfort that touch brings us. We affect the … Continued

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