Mobile healing therapy

Mobile healing therapy it is a unique way of creating positive change in your life. It allows you to explore your past, present and future in an emotional, spiritual and physical way. Each session leaves you feeling emotionally recharged and revitalised … Continued

Healing as Holistic therapy

All three vital keys: mind, body and spirit of Holistic therapy benefits: relaxing taut muscles, aiding lymphatic drainage, releasing toxins and benefits actually the ‘whole’ in many other positive ways. Physical and emotional stress can be reduced through it and … Continued

The challenges of life

Our choices shape our character during the lifetime and are self-chosen – compounded of physical, sensory, emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual energies. The ancient Egyptian judgement after death, ~symbolically weighed the individual’s heart against the “feather of truth”.                                                                               ♥ … Continued

Stress management

Certain types of constant stress in our lives are not healthy. Recent evidence indicates the physical changes associated with stress may contribute to the leading causes of heart disease and illness. In addition, stress can create and/or exacerbate many physical … Continued

Being really ‘at home’

Meditating we may concentrate on an experience such as breathing in and out. That then becomes a ‘home’ for our awareness. Maybe our mind will naturally wander; it’s restless. But we have a home to return to. The point of … Continued

Thinking with the heart

Very recent research has indicated that the human heart has its own brain, called neural intelligence. The energy signals that are transmitted from the heart to the brain are called coherence which, depending on how we feel, can affect us in … Continued

Is energy real?

With my work and experience I have no problem using the word ‘energy’. We may say sometime “I just feel it in my bones” – meaning I know that in the deepest part of me. Or we may, through the … Continued

Body language

The most of our communication is a non-verbal one. We all know that with a good face expression and body language generally speaking, pretending sometime to be another person, we can save situations or getting better in our life. But … Continued

Deep feelings

All our tensions and pains are physical symptoms, but are also our defences in a psychological sense – a body’s strategy for keeping us ‘away’ from feeling our deep feelings, memory and history regarding to everything was happening to us before … Continued

Restoring your inner beauty

What makes you feeling human?Definitely having a lot of emotions and feelings, those that sometime we are afraid to show even to ourselves. Touch is a powerful catalyst in releasing emotions and feelings. A person may respond to attentive touch by … Continued

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