Our wonderful need of touch

Our wonderful need of touch

empathyyAs a therapist I see everyday my client’s need for touch, however, people’s need generally speaking. Strange, what we do not recognize nearly as often is “the need to touch”.

In Harry Harlow’s famous experiment with nursing primates, he found that they consistently choose a soft figure to touch over their food source. Equally striking is also he found that the mother’s need to touch is even greater than the baby’s need for touch.

We need to touch, to give it maybe even more than to receive it! Touch now, and realize how nourishing that is for YOU.

Everything we touch is grounding to us. Even now my hands on this desk that I’m at writing to you, it’s so comforting to feel the touch, to be in touch. Especially touching another living being with consciousness and heart, within of all the matter and energy in the universe that one life should exist and consciously touch another, what a miracle!

So wonderful, the need to touch is as deep as the need for touch.

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