Mind ~ getting the truth

Mind ~ getting the truth

awakeningDoing therapy I cultivate healthy “psycho-mechanics”. I attend as much to the movement of awareness as to the movement of the body. So, to facilitate the client’s clear experience of my touch, I keep returning our awareness to the place we are working on and paying attention.

Then I keep noting my awareness wandering off again!! Sometimes to useful thoughts or feelings relevant to understanding the client better, but sometime to irrelevant thoughts: What’s for lunch today? Why the bottle of water is on the table or not? … hmmm… needless self-criticisms, our own troubles, or random mental bubble-ups…

We can’t stop the mind from wandering! And sometimes graceful wandering finds something of great value. Then we return to the place we are touching with treasure, a deep insight or deep feeling that adds much more valuable clarity or compassion to our touch.

Now the research is pointing us to changes in the client’s nervous system (a.k.a. mind or energy) as what produce positive effects. What we therapists do with our minds can make all the difference in the world.

Your mind naturally wanders, but, as it says in the Lord of the Rings, “Not all who wander are lost.”

Sometimes my mind wanders and I get troubled… hmmm… But I’m not my mind, or my body, or my bank account, and so on, I’m the Observer or the Energy or the spirit as you like to call it. So, if I control that mind wandering, and I can do it definitely, then I find hidden treasures for myself and for the client, sometimes ‘the ring of truth’…

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