Therapy for allergies

Therapy for allergies

Therapy is very helpful for getting relief for allergies, congestion and pain. All year long, allergy sufferers complain of sinus congestion, headaches due to pressure and exhaustion, and springtime allergies are especially known for the havoc they wreak.

Techniques that help
Bodywork can bolster your immune system and even lessen the need for allergy medications. Massage to the head, face and neck can help clear mucus from the nose and throat. Pressure point therapies and shiatsu can be particularly helpful because they relieve congestion and at the same time they encourage the body to return to a healthful balance.

Releasing trigger points 
Massage is also known for its ability to release trigger points, knots that radiate pain to other spots. With massage, you can receive relaxing work to the face and around the eyes, as well as deep tissue work for the upper back and shoulders where many trigger points to the head and face are located. When those areas are released, your headaches and congestion are relieved.

Stress reduction helps
Studies researching massage therapy for allergy relief exist and show that even slight stress and anxiety can substantially worsen a person’s allergic reaction to some routine allergens. Recipients all over the world report that massage helps reducing their stress. You can well find that simply relaxing with massage helps relieve your allergy symptoms. If you suffer from hay fever or some other spring allergy, try one or more sessions of massage this season. It makes all the difference definitely.

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