Springtime meditation

Springtime meditation

Atrani-Costa-SmeraldaPlan and review your life for a more satisfying year. Spring is a potent season to look over the past and institute changes for the future. It is a good time to set clear goals, or intentions that reflect your desires. This spring try letting your impulses following the growth you see in nature. Then see how that affects your own perceptions and desires, getting started try this personal reflection and writing exercise:


1. Find a favourite place to sit quietly in-doors or out. Breathe fully and deeply for a few minutes, keeping your attention on the breath.
2. Ask yourself: What can I clear out or let go of from the past year as I move into this fresh season of growth and rebirth?  Observe your thoughts and feelings for 3 or 4 minutes.
3. Write down three things you would like to let go of and put this “Let Go” list aside.
4. Now ask yourself: What do I desire in this new season? What seeds would I like to plant? Again see what answers come to you.
5. Write down three intentions for the coming year.
6. Take the “Let Go” list and burn it, or bury it in the soil.
7. Go back to the “Intentions” list. If you would like, illustrate or add colour to it. Hang it up somewhere you will see it every day as a reminder of the seeds you have sown inside. If you regenerate your life planting new creative ideas in spring every year, you may be amazed by the increasing in satisfaction you experience, as well as a deeper connection to the flow of nature’s seasons.

For a rejuvenating spring ritual reflect on letting go of the past and sowing the seeds of new intentions.

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