Regeneration with Shiatsu massage

Regeneration with Shiatsu massage

resurrectionThe low-light, short days of winter together with the physiological stress from extreme temperatures, can practically drain the life from your body and seriously dampen your mood.

Rejuvenate your health and wellness by incorporating Shiatsu massage into your well-being routine for springtime renewal! It offers a host of health benefits that can give you increased energy, better circulation and overall wellness.

Pain Management

Also if you suffer from pain from an injury or ongoing health issue, this treatment can be a way to reduce or manage it, because of releasing endorphins from your brain, the natural pain-killers that most drugs only try to mimic. People with arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and many other health issues that cause pain, use it as part of their health program. For many, it offers a relief both during and for a prolonged period after their therapy.

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