Feel good and especially happy

Feel good and especially happy

good.happyIt’s wet, windy and very cold outside. Brrrr… On the most simplistic level, doing something very good for yourself it should be taking a break from the humdrum pattern and going to boost your mood and re-energize yourself by having a well-being treatment.

What’s the best way to warm up this cold season? A Shiatsu massage of course! Here’s why:

As the body is massaged, memories are triggering that shift inside your body and your subconscious…, ‘locking into your cellular memory’ I can say, some may recall the feeling and sensation of being on a warm summer’s day… Hahaha…

  • Improves circulation: Keeping you warmer and helping you to reduce instances of cold feet and hands
  • Winter is often the busiest time of year, sometimes it is easy forgetting to take a little time for yourself… Getting a massage is a great way to reduce tension and stress, entering the festive season relaxed and happy!
  • It’s well known that lack of light, seasonal flu and staying indoors with people who may be suffering from viral infections mean that people often get ill in winter. Massage is known to bolster your immune function, skip or reduce the period of your illness.

And it feels so good!

Feel glad or good and especially happy. Do everything you can every single day for finding even just a simple reason to feel that, for instance having your ‘thankful and grateful stone’! Feel the feeling being happy, trigger it and stay in that state of mind as much as possible, this is the secret for attracting everything you WANT! Like Attracts Like!

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