Shiatsu Massage ~ a message for you

Shiatsu Massage ~ a message for you

healing.handsDo you think shiatsu massage is important? Because I think that massage is carrying a precious message for all humans: the importance of practicing kindness and peace on earth. Through healthy touch, the message is in many ways the most direct way for understanding, feeling and expressing the kindness, peace and valuing of this life.  “The thing that brings human value back to experience is the touching of it with human presence.” ~ Stephen Gilligan~

Massage shift people’s consciousness as well as reduce the pain and suffering that make life hard. There is a ripple effect, to all the people contacting, touching one person actually touches many people, whether it is: massage, a casual interaction or a kind word.

With massage I say things that I need, also I feel them with my hands. It grounds humans in a way that nothing else does, helping us to be humane and remembering us what is important: to know ourselves. It literally connects us to humanity.

The compassionate, heartfelt touch of one human being to another can change us, it has changed me in amazing ways. There is so much stress in the world today and we need more people willing to reach out to our fellow human beings. Massage therapy is a gesture that speaks volumes for making that change.

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