Reconnective healing therapy

Reconnective healing therapy

reconnection.massageSome time ago what was most remarkable about the sessions it was not even so much the particular symptom, but the learning I experienced from doing the session. I started to pay more and more attention to the blockages that I found in people’s body. I learned that I could feel the signature of any emotion or any sensation in their bodies. Each emotion and sensation had a particular energetic signature which was unique for me and which I could learn to read, beginning to feel more deeply into the vibrational field and more curiously about it.

Now I find a place of held or blocked energy in someone’s body easily just instantly seeing you. I pay careful attention without trying to change it, just being with it. I ask to myself or ask to their system: “What is the emotion or sensation being held there?” Trying to feel what the emotion is. Fear has a very different vibratory quality than anger or than grief. Initially I started paying attention to the major emotions (fear, grief, anger, joy) as they were the strongest and clearest and therefore the easiest to feel. After some time, I now feel any sensation that a person might be experiencing or could be felt through its own unique vibration. If someone have indecision, agitation, indifference, guilt, lack of motivation and many others, all of these sensations show up in their energetic field and can be identified and then worked by me as a practitioner.

Sometimes I just do the bodywork, but maybe with a different quality of my touch. If someone had fear, I might continue to work in the same places and do very similar treatments but I might do it with a very different quality of touch. I know ‘reading’ an emotion in someone through my hands and also ‘giving’ you an emotion with my hands. I might touch with the same quality anyone, but if I need comforting you – I hold you in such a way that you feel safe and secure. My clients with major fears calm down, without ever saying anything to them about their fear.

This is a whole avenue experience of healing for the person. I might say to you: “I can feel a sensation in your body – I think it is fear. Are you feeling afraid?” One time somebody told me: “Only a mountain of it.” The possibility of verbally processing emotions discovered through the body/mind connection ‘accessing’ physical and energetic touch, open much deeper avenues of healing and change for people and led me to work in very different ways.

This is but one of hundreds of such sessions where the person’s experience is ‘palpable’ in their body and field, and working with this vibration takes a person beyond helping their reported symptom to help them reconnecting to their core selves first and then to our field.

This continues to be a major way of my work, mirroring both the physical and the emotional experience of the client and actually helping them to grow personally, progress faster and deeper in their lives.

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