Head massage relieving headaches

massage-for-headachesMany people suffer from frequent or occasional headaches. They may not know that a massage therapist can help, they might even think that headaches are “normal” and “everyone gets them”. Massaging the whole body I do head massage as well and I always ask to my clients if they get headaches frequently, because I want to let them know that I can help, increasing the benefits.

If the client does have headaches I do a quick assessment, evaluating the client’s upper body posture and palpating the head and neck musculature. Most headaches can be helped dramatically, or even resolved completely with a proper head, neck, upper back and face bodywork. For posture related headaches and tension headaches generally I focus the work on the neck and upper body. Deep tissue massage is particularly effective for these clients. Also with sinus’s pressure related headaches I offer an opportunity to surprise my client with relief. I get great results using pressure points to clear the head and drain the sinuses.

Of course, some headaches are caused by conditions that are beyond the reach of bodywork. For instance headaches related to hormones, trauma and neurological conditions, as well as migraines are not easy to get rid of them. But even those clients get benefits from the magnificent effects of the bodywork that I am already sharing with them!

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