Massage for neck pain

Massage for neck pain

neck-painMuscle knots or trigger points in the neck area are a common cause of stubborn and strange aches and pains, and they are still under-diagnosed.

Under the back of the skull must be one of the most pleasing and popular target for massage in the human body. No other patch of muscle gets such rave reviews. It has everything: wonderful deeply relaxing and satisfying sensations, and a dramatic therapeutic relevance to one of the most common of all human pains, the common tension headache. And no wonder: without these muscles, your head would fall off. They feel just as important as they are.

Together with lots of other neck muscles, ‘the suboccipital’ group, they work overtime to keep your head balanced on top of your spine. Particularly they initiate and control fine movements.

Then, in addition to generally producing the best quality of the ‘deep sweet ache’ that most people crave from massage, trigger point referral into the head and neck has a sort of sedative effect that can’t be beat. If a trigger point referral elsewhere in the body tends to make you feel ‘paralyzing’, a trigger point referral in the suboccipitals does this too, but that feeling spreads into the head. And that is amazing pleasurable, with the right pressure, in the positive context of therapeutic and Shiatsu massage, that sensation is deliciously soporific.

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