Massage is a Healing Art

A good massage can be as deeply affective as hearing a wonderful symphony or seeing a great artwork. Visual and musical art depend on the distal senses of seeing and hearing. Massage depends on the proximal perception or ‘haptic’ sense, which is an experience in the body through the sense of touch, pressure, balance, proprioception (joint position), etc. Can it give rise a ‘haptic’ sense to a breath taking and moving experience as visual or musical art? Yes, I can assuring you that.

The art of massage consists in tailoring the work to the needs of the individual.  For being optimally effective, the massage practitioner must tune into the client’s field and know exactly what needs to be done, how best to proceed and how long and how deep to work. Massage is a Healing Art, a natural proven method of treatment that promotes health and well being in ways unique to massage. Everyone needs being massaged her/his right way and getting a good one done properly is a great worth adjunct for optimal health.

My therapeutic touch balances the soft tissues and structure by balancing the electromagnetic field associated with the nerves. The nerve field of the person receiving the massage is affected by the field of the massage practitioner and vice versa. A massage practitioner who knows how to utilize this principle can manipulate this field and relieve things like: pain, stress, tension, constipation, hormone imbalance, ulcers, infections, nausea, anxiety and depression, only physically touching the body.

Massage has something wonderful for everyone. The comfort of physical, reassuring and loving touch helps patients in acute or chronic pain to find relief without drugs and surgery wounds, healing faster without scarring.

╭•⊰✿ Sharing My h-Art and secret touch ✿⊱•╮Massage is My Healing Art!

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