Massage for back pain

Massage for back pain

lower_back_painMany of the clients I see for the first time complain of ‘low back pains’ and, or sciatica, but massage is rarely the first thing that they try unfortunately. Pain relievers are cheap, easy to come by, and very effective… But they become frustrated because symptoms return when the drugs wear off. So they think that it should be a better, longer-lasting answer, and they come at me.

Clients want first for the pain to stop and second for the pain to never return. As a body worker, I know that postural and, or lifestyle changes are often required to completely eliminate the problem. This obviously does not happen in one session. How do we get a client to return until the problem is resolved? Simply, we must be more effective and predictable than a ~pill~.

Shiatsu massage is the best way I have found to address pain in the lumbar area for instance, being the primary focus in that kind of sessions. Included will be a hands-on review of the relevant musculoskeletal anatomy regarding: the muscles of the back, sacroiliac ligaments and glute origins will be reviewed and palpated. The gender differences in pelvic orientation will be examined.

My main technique’s principle is contacting both structure and energy simultaneously. I refer to it as a ‘cheat code’ for the nervous system. Techniques are general and specific, with a focus on working signs from the client’s nervous system. These signs will inform pressure, pace and effectiveness. I have somatic conversations with my client’s subconscious, introducing the possibility of real, lasting change. Yes, I’m doing brain software ‘surgery’, downloading a better program for you and retraining you.

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