Gold Therapy

Gold Therapy

gold.therapy.logoDo you know how your brain works? 

Why your thoughts and feelings are so hard to get on the same page sometimes? With a good therapy education, I have learnt how to coordinate my mind, body and spirit in my life and work, as I have developed the skill of being more in unity with myself as a person and naturally I became much better at helping my clients to attain it as well.

Now all that became my own style named ‘gold therapy’, BioEnergy healing and mindset coaching are parts of it, and there is the most effective and thorough antidote to stress. Just In a matter of minutes clients calm down (so does the therapist – it’s good for us too!) and let go of recent and accumulated effects of stress-filled lives. The nurturing quality of touch triggers the “relaxation response” in the nervous system and that helps you with sleeplessness and all stress-related bodily pain and tension.

Keep things simple always, like your reality, your body is a mirror of your beliefs.

Daily Affirmation: My body’s natural healing system is strong and pure, I allow an infinite stream of health, wealth and happiness to flow through me.

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