Energy Healing

Energy Healing


This is something very close to my heart, my special gift. I can helping you to figure out the answers to difficult questions letting you know which option will provide you with the happiest outcome based on your values and goals like: increased clarity, change, loving you more, achieving your blocked goals.

All things have a Personal Energetic Frequency including you, people, feelings, emotions, words, that determines:

♥ What your life looks like
♥ How  easily  great  things and health flow into your life
♥ How successfully you navigate through life
♥ If you live a life you LOVE.

We all have  ‘Patterns of Influence’ that are implanted or formed before the age of 7 by our family, society, TV, and those closest to us. Something that other do not do it on purpose or for trying to hurt us, it just happens, but sometime…

When you work with people it is very important listening to them, focusing on caring about them and of course on results. I actually see into their energy field where they are blocked. I then get the download of why and when it happened. Also I can explain how it started and at what age. When you understand the origins and how it is impacting you in your life, then that awareness helps liberate you from the pattern. I then ‘go into’ your energy and clear out the beliefs, patterns and the programming that are causing the block. Once the blocks are cleared, it raises your Vibrational Frequency and then we will input a new Abundant program > one that matches your ideal life vision and goals. At this point, you’re free to choose moving forward in your life.

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