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  • Welcome to our website!
    Welcome to our website!

    This is a place for wishes and healing to BE done! BioEnergy Healing, Holistic Treatments & Massage, Retreats/ Courses.

  • Retreats/ Therapy ~ Travel. Our mission on earth is creating humanity 5 star: work & well-being environments.

  • Massaggio Rilassante, Terapeutico & Connettivale.

  • Rilassati e Guarisce/ Realizza una Buona Vita! BioEnergia Guarigione/ riconnettiva. Life, emotional intelligence coaching.

  • Terapia Olistica, Stress management.

BioEnergia guarigione a Bologna e anche Massaggio olistico a domicilio, in uno studio privato, o viaggiare ovunque nella richiesta speciale retreats/ corsi: terapia ~ turismo. A selection of 5 star quality treatments in your hotel room & resort, during your travel for business and holiday, or at home. The greatest wealth is health, our touch calms your mind and heals your spirit. Whatever you may be experiencing you have come in the right place for getting solutions.
• Relieving stresstensions and pains, clearing blocks, you amplify vitality allowing an infinite stream of wellness, abundance and happiness through you, restoring harmony, balance and flow. A whole process of really helping people to get to the root cause of their issues, bringing focus, clarity, vision and purpose through: bodywork, mind-work, spiritual treatment, or all that combined, as you wish.
 Look no further, our many options include Holistic therapyreconnective healing and Reiki into your events, office, or into our ritiri spirituali in/ outside the city. The goal is to help you experience complete relaxationoverall satisfaction, to go beyond your perceived limits doing things you thought were impossible, and recognize the unlimited nature of your being.
• Monica è laureata in ingegneria e ha un profilo tecnico, ma scopre che la sua vera missione sulla terra è aiutare le persone con la terapia creando humanity 5 stele ambienti di lavoro e benessere, an energetic professional practitioner: human behavior/ cognition & mindset coach, loving what she does, dedicated to doing it well, providing memorable and attentive services as a unique body ~ mind ~ spirit reconnection, that are tailored to each individual’s particular needs, lifestyle, for prevention and well-being. This attention to details makes her so successful!
• Gold therapy and Luxury services a Bologna specialmente centro.


La guarigione è la mia arte!


Monica è laureata in ingegneria e ha un profilo tecnico, ma scopre che la sua vera missione sulla terra è aiutare le persone con la terapia creando humanity 5 stele ambienti di lavoro... READ MORE

Our wonderful need of touch


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